Private (Factional) JanFathal Campaign Phase 3 - Investigating Ancient Secrets

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Location - Athar City, CIS held Manufacturing District
Time - Day 5

Finally, an envoy from his outside allies had arrived. It had been three (3) weeks since the CIS command had made contact and had delivered their promised vast army to help the Unionists defeat their rivals and re-gain control of JanFathal for the CIS. "Everything had moved like clockwork in the beginning", the Unionist Colonel thought to himself. Their combined forces had gradually secured the mines, the factories, and methodically pushed back the Traditionalist traitors until they were on the brink of collapse. Victory was within their grasp.......until the sudden arrival of the Republic's accursed Airborne battalions. He cursed his officers lack of training and inadept ability of the tactical droids to adjust strategies to properly counter this new threat. What had once been a near one-sided slaughter against the Traditionalists, had turned into barbaric onslaught. The Republic troops' ferocity had robbed them of all advantage and fought the CIS forces to a stalemate. Where once the Unionists had a 5-to-1 advantage, the number scale was near even..........and defeat loomed like an imminent storm gathering above them. Hence, the Unionist command had been over-joyed when the CIS leadership had made contact again, as they hoped it had meant bulk reinforcements to turn the tide once and for all. Everyone knew the Republic was spent on troops and ships, otherwise they would have sent full legions to JanFathal, instead of mere divisions. But the instructions from the CIS command say the least.

Prepare for a one ship envoy?

The shuttle had arrived. Escorted by advanced starfighters and enhanced with jamming sensors to bypass the Republic fleet and asteroid defenses, yet only disembarked a single being. Still, the memory of their first encounter filled the Colonel with wonder, confusion, and......fear......

This envoy was to be treated with upmost respect, that was made clear in his orders. Yet, the man did not seem like an officer of the CIS military. Nor even of the late Count's strange Acolytes (though rumor was they were 'fallen Jedi'), though this envoy did carry a similar air of mystery about him. He had ordered the Colonel to recall the Acolytes from their deployments in the city: Sebastian Kade, Azael Leandre, and Dalak Krayt. He had performed his orders and reported back to High Command's envoy.......and then he had been dismissed.

"That man gives me the chills", he thought to himself. "Something is off here......", but with the military Acolytes returning headquarters, he was not daring enough to question them on this summons.

Asha-Karat agent.JPG

The envoy awaited them, casually pacing in what had been a luxurious business suite. Extravagant tapestries hung on the walls with burgundy curtains draping the full ceiling height windows of this meeting room decorated from an era long past. The furniture was exquisite with in-laid gold, the grand fireplace white-smoke would have all been so elegant.......if it was not covered by inches of concrete dust and wall debris from all the bombings in the city. The envoy continued to pace, quietly humming an ancient tune to himself, "And who are you, the proud Lord said, that I must bow so low......." He had come to this world under the flag of the CIS to treat with those whom the late Darth Tyrannous had trusted.......or at least shown interest in. The wind was alive on this world........the Force was in motion. The Unionist Colonel and his little war mattered not. This struggle mattered not. "What mattered was that the master was calling in earnest again, and the master must be served. The Darkside must always be served." He only hoped these Acolytes proved up to his challenge.

He prayed they did not force him to wait long................

(OOC Note - This first kick off is for the CIS Players, with a future post to gather the Jedi/Republic aligned players also on this mission. This will be heavily DM'd by the Site Community Team, so a separate thread will be started where participants can ask questions and list out player requests to help guide this mission)


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He stirred when not one, but two of the Commando Droids shook him in tandem, an overkill on effort. Jostled awake eventually the Acolyte would come out swinging only to be flipped by the tag team, though he was then caught by the other two Commando Droids rather than being slammed into the harsh ground itself.​
Having his world rocked before he had even truly woken up Sebastian was left gasping for breath even when he was set on his feet and dusted off by the droids nearby. It had been a surprise that all five of them had continued to survive for as long as they had, least of all without any notable injury to boot. Beyond this the Acolyte swore he had begun to witness the Commandos growing or rather establishing personalities of their own, an oddity considering this had been their first mission since being activated. Lotting it under the idea that it was likely due to his presence and their continued work as a squad to achieve success in their tasks. Nonetheless the two who had awoken him proved to be rather childish, pranksters even, but on the battlefield they were quite violent, almost like evil twins. While the other two were more grey, one remaining akin to a loyal droid, while the other was just aloof or detached, but faithfully followed Sebastian at this point.​
As the shocking "good morning" settled Sebastian's mind would then wander on the events of recent past, stemming from his aerial combat in attempt to protect the Parliament Building before ordering the droids in the sky to suicide bomb it and ram enemy vessels along the way if able. From there he had landed before entering the Parliament Building himself in a crazed mission to assault Republic Troops whom were attempting to use the building as their own, it was there he linked up with the Commando Droids where together they bombed it while fleeing toward the Eastern AA encampments to bolster CIS defenses there.​
Sebastian was unique...whether this would prove to his downfall or his grace had to be seen though.​
Just as he was about to attack a protein meal bar Sebastian would be interrupted by the "Evil Twins" again, the pair smacking aside his meal replacement before beginning to drag him off to their acquired vehicle. They cackled while hooting and hollering, telling the Acolyte along the way that they were to bring him in to the Colonel for a talk which in of itself confused Sebastian more than the droids wrestling him. Eventually giving up the fight and letting them drag him, as they wouldn't have had it any other way even if he wasn't resisting, Sebastian would then begin to chew on his fingernails as they began their trip.​
But, he quickly shook his head to wave the thoughts of violence from his mind, despite being a Dark Acolyte, despite using the Dark Side he didn't relish the violence, he didn't seethe with unadulterated rage for no reason. Drawing closer to their designation Sebastian would find himself bombarded by a cold feeling, one of dread, doubt, fear, anger, it was as if the Dark Side was clouding the air now. The Dark Side pulled at him, whispered to him louder than before, but Sebastian was not one who viewed the Dark Side as a tool to be abused, nor did he view it as an idol to be served.​
Sebastian was unique.....​
Arriving at the location only made the feeling intensify, lead to the building by the Commandos Sebastian would feel as if he was walking through an invisible swamp that drown him from head to toe. Walking in he'd take in a couple of things, first that the beautiful building's interior was now ruined by war, secondly the mumblings of a man....?​