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OOC: This is a private thread, so feel free to ask me if you want to join it. Essentially it's a prison breakout on Felucia, during the breakout anything could happen so I'm open to ideas.

Dalak sat in his cell meditating, muttering words in the Ancient Sith tongue. Recently he had begun studying, but only knew a few phrases. He kept his thoughts on one singular idea though, how he was going to break out. He had been unprepared for the CIS’s retaliation, he had been caught off guard and he had paid for it. Now he was on Felucia, of all places, he had to be on Felucia.

Felucia was home to one of the Separatist Alliance’s political leaders, the Empress of Felucia, Ra. While that wasn't too much of a problem if she wasn't home, the Commerce Guild headquarters was here. The moment they were alerted of his escape they’d be after him. “In time I will be free, but not yet. Not yet…” Dalak muttered as he stood up into a tall muscular figure. He watched the droids patrol the hall by his cell, he’d been analysing their patrol pattern the moment he had arrived. So far he hadn’t found any weak points he could exploit, but it was only a matter of time. First things first, he had to find out where his belongings were being kept.

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Nigkoe Detention Facility is one of the few Corporate Alliance detention facilities located throughout the Galaxy; it is however the largest and most secure. The remnants of the Commerce Guild Punitive Security Forces still maintained detention security, it included a contingent of elite Gossam Commandos, a large number of both B1, B2 Super Battle Droids and Droidekas. It was also one of the few facilities in the Galaxy that possessed a number of IG-100 MagnaGuard's which were specifically dedicated to the protection of Force users. In recent months there had been a deployment the newer, more deadly IG-100/2 MagnaGuards. Nigkoe was secluded in a part of Felucia that made escape very difficult and those who would make a daring escape were likely to run into the wilderness of Felucia including a large number of Felucian Rancors.

Nigkoe was a sprawling complex with caverns built deep into the underground of Felucia; the deepest caverns were expanded after the escape of Zonder and Barriss Offee and created to especially house Jedi and other force sensitives. It was here that the IG-100 MagnaGuards were deployed, they were further bolstered by IG-100/2 MagnaGuards now. The Commerce Guild at the behest of the Confederacy procured and maintains specially created prison cells for Force sensitives, including the one meant for Dalak. Each of the Force sensitive holding cells is contains within a cavern, deep underneath the dangerous Felucian wilderness.

Escape was not impossible but someone leaving Nigkoe, especially after the last incident, was going to be leaving here likely missing limbs or in critical condition. This was bolstered by the fact that the Confederacy had assigned a new jailer specifically for the extraction of information. Iskander Arkos, a "former" Nightbrother and now a Dark Acolyte, has been tapped to oversee the facility and "extract" information from those inside. This naturally pleased the Iskander who sought the collection of all knowledge and power that he could obtain. He became quite adept over the past several months of extracting information and knowledge from the prisoners in Nigkoe and would continue to do so.

"He is meditating." Iskander spoke to himself. The central hub of Nigkoe was continually operated by all manner of droids, he stood with a Gossam, Fredevi Carhame, a Deputy Chief of Security of the Commerce Guild who was designated as the "Warden" of Nigkoe. "What are we to make of this?" There was a sort of uneasy tone in his voice that Iskander picked up and he glared over at him. "Nothing." Iskander said aloud but to himself said "He is muttering some unintelligible tongue." Iskander folded his arms and watched.