[a] Atoli Lalonde

Atoli Lalonde

Name: Atoli Lalonde

Alias: N/A

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Age: 16

Alignment: Sith

Occupation: Sith Warrior

Personality: She is hyper at times and very calm at other times she loves to be out side and she also loves to study in the ways of the force. She is fall of anger.

Bio: Atoli dasn't know who her parents were becuase she was giving to people when she was born. She was fond on the planet Bal'demnic by a Jedi Knight who was passing though and he took her to the Jedi Temple. He teachers leared that she was a fast learner and at times got bord and stated to make things fly in frun of her. When she turned 12 years old she was giving the right to rome freely around the Temple and also to be able to step out side the Temple when she was with a Jedi Knight or Master. She Loved when a Jedi Knight or Master would walk with her out side becuase she loved to look at all the flowers and other stuff around.

When she turned 14 she learned that a guy would do any thing to kiss her. She didn't like that so many guys would hang around her and she often was found on the roof top to try to stay away from them. One thing that she wished was to know who her parents were and if she was an only child but she never knew if she was able to know that. 4 days before Atoli's birth day she leard that she was the younger sister to Sakura and Carmen Ineria and the told her lot about her father and her aunt Ja'nal told her some stuff about Her Mather.

2years latter:

Atoli fond out that she has been lied to for her life... that her father is not Leos Ineria but Zeram Lalonde. Atoli turned from the path of light and when to the dakness. were she will be at home.

7 mouths latter:

Atoli vanished from 7 mouths. she went fot training. she knew she had to become stonger to prove she was not week. she did what she wanted. she had become stonger. she had learned many things as well as in the force and other skills.

Homeplanet: Bal'demnic

Marshal arts:


Flash step

Force-Sensitive? Yes

Force Powers:

Force Push-Masterd

Force speed-Expert



Force chock-Expert

force lingtning-perfected

Force storm-Masterd

Black Lightning-Expert

emeraled lightning-Novice

Silver lightning-perfected

Appearance: <img src='http://i159.photobucket.com/albums/t121/EclpseWolf62/Anime/Random%20Characters/Female/Dark.jpg' border='0' alt='user posted image'>

Weapon: a red light syber

Vexx Nerzul

I guess I can let it pass seeming as she has been here for a while and your powers arnt TOO overpowered. Just Your Alignment is Sith hehe but heck ok! </div>


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Vexx Nerzul

CONGRATULATIONS! Your Character hs been approved. You may now enter the realm Of Star Wars: Galaxy? and play with your character.

Rule the Galaxy</B><B> or Protect it, You decide. </div>


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