1. Tk’e Komaru

    Public On The Run

    It had been months since Tk’e escaped, but things hadn’t gone as planned. She thought everything that had happened over in her head as she sat in a dark alley of the lower levels of Coruscant. She sniffed back tears, pulling at the metal tag on her ear, anxiously. She was cold, dirt and grease...
  2. Tk’e Komaru

    Approved - Independent and Fringe Character Creation Entry

    [Tk’e Komaru Basic Information: Character name:Tk’e Komaru) --Aliases: (N/A Homeworld: (Hoth) Species: (Unknown) Age: (35 in Galactic Standard years but in her species years, she is 7) Gender: (Female, but has the chest of a boy) Faction: (Neutral) Rank/position/title: (N/A) Personality...