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  1. Kylar Thrane

    Here I I remain

    Here I I remain
  2. Kylar Thrane

    Public JanFathal Campaign Phase 2 - Battle for Athar

    It had been awhile since Kylar had stood in a shield wall. The exhilaration...the terror….the comradeship. Last time had been with Tarek actually, on their mission to Onderon early in the war. Now he lead the primary formation of sixty (60) men in full testudo, overlapping shields covering...
  3. Kylar Thrane

    Public JanFathal Campaign Phase 2 - Battle for Athar

    The battle was escalating on all fronts. Cassus' troops had knocked out the CIS comm jammer but now he was moving to intercept a dark Acolyte who had launched a surprise attack on Eastern anti-craft tower. Rowan was conducting hit-n-run attacks to check the enemy armor advancing on the 44th...
  4. Kylar Thrane

    Approved - Galactic Empire Mithric Tor

    Approved......welcome loyal son of the Empire!
  5. Kylar Thrane

    Jedi Order A Secret Order

    Several Jedi returned Kylar's toast with cheers and thanks. As those assembled settled down for a meal and refreshments, the hall began to hum with the chatter of dozens of conversations, filled with apprehension and excitement. This was a time of new discovery for the Order. Thanking the...
  6. Kylar Thrane

    Approved - Independent and Fringe Dignomos Heylel, former Jedi Master

    Great backstory and very well written! We shall watch your travels across the galaxy with great interest. Approved!
  7. Kylar Thrane

    Private (Factional) JanFathal Campaign Phase 3 - Investigating Ancient Secrets

    Location - Athar City, CIS held Manufacturing District Time - Day 5 Finally, an envoy from his outside allies had arrived. It had been three (3) weeks since the CIS command had made contact and had delivered their promised vast army to help the Unionists defeat their rivals and re-gain control...
  8. Kylar Thrane

    Approved - Independent and Fringe Dalak Krayt

    Approved, welcome to the Fringe group, darksider!
  9. Kylar Thrane

    Approved - Independent and Fringe Dalak Krayt

    Thanks for making the edits as suggested. Running everything by the Admin team once more, and hoping to have you answer before the end of the day
  10. Kylar Thrane

    Approved - Independent and Fringe Dalak Krayt

    I'm going to break my review up in sections. Main note, the character points seem to be all over the board and I think need to be simplified. It would be more appropriate to develop the character's complexity. I like the concept of realizing the CIS cause he is fighting for is not "Sith" and his...
  11. Kylar Thrane

    Jedi Order A Secret Order

    The main hall was buzzing with light, tranquility, and activity. Kylar was swept up in the midst of it. One minute he had been examining the brilliance of the kyber crystal fire lamps, the following he had run into Cassus who had made an historical discovery to the Valorous Alderanni family...
  12. Kylar Thrane

    Approved - Galactic Republic Aegir Thane

    Approved! Welcome to the Republic! *Note: your appearance image doesn't load.
  13. Kylar Thrane

    Jedi Order A Secret Order

    Location - Ossus Mission - Establish a Secret Base for Jedi Strike Teams As his ship excited hyperspace, a brown-orange planet swirled with clouds came sharply into view. Mountain ranges and cold deserts dominated this once lush planet of life while sparse lightning storms unnaturally lit...
  14. Kylar Thrane

    Public JanFathal Campaign Phase 2 - Battle for Athar

    Location - University of Mining & Arts Time - 1130, Day 2 Tarek's few hundred men of the 58th was near all that was left of the division's reserves on JanFathal, but this play would vital. Their recently acquired Wookie companion and a Onderonian sniper team had managed to hold of waves of CIS...
  15. Kylar Thrane

    Public JanFathal Campaign Phase 2 - Battle for Athar

    Location - Energy Collector, one-block south Time - 1000, Day 2 "INCOMING!! Down! Everyone DOWN!!" The troopers warning was immediately followed by the whining of STAP speeders and flashes of laser bursts as the droids harassed Kylar's men with another strafing run. A nearby trooper cried out...
  16. Kylar Thrane

    SW:G Fanon Wolf Pup [Warlord Heavy Cruiser]

    My only comment is on its size (or at least listed length). Like, I know this is canon ship, but seems odd she is barely longer than a YT-1300, yet can carry three (3) starfighters. But, that is a minor detail and hell that is Star Wars for ya. Feel free to comment or tweak that stat if you...
  17. Kylar Thrane

    Private (Factional) The Kolkpravis

    Orbital Defense Cannons The explosion from Sebastian's grenade satchel would rip apart the outer metal housing of the massive gun's conductor coils. Now unshielded, the battery's lower housing began to smoke and spark electricity as the coils began overheating! Though damaged, the gun was...
  18. Kylar Thrane

    Approved - Confederacy Erit Lori

    Approved....another dark Jedi for Grevious' CIS horde!
  19. Kylar Thrane

    Approved - Confederacy Castin Saper

    Reviwed and re-approved! Welcome to the CIS!!!
  20. Kylar Thrane

    Plot Submittal - For the Throne

    Rework has a darkside Imperial politician from Alderaan, a member of House Panteer if memory serves correctly. He will be a valueable asset to the Imperial cause. As for as plot lines go, I figure it would be among the great houses that most players will have posts or attempt to interact with...