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  • Hope everyone is staying safe! Friendly reminder: If you have a thread idea that involves an NPC, feel free to @ the staff on discord so we can get involved! ♡
    Force Sensitives at the battle of Kashyyyk! Your characters will be aware of an enormous but brief presence of the Dark Side from the Palace. Those who attended the funeral on Coruscant will recognize this presence as the same that appeared there.
    All new Sith, if you're making your way to Korriban, check out the Homecoming thread! If you're wondering how to contribute to this budding faction, poke around the HQ threads and see what needs doing!
    It has been fifty-five years since the Battle of Yavin and there is a relative state of peace in the galaxy. The remnants of a once mighty empire have come to the heel of the Galactic Alliance.

    On the month of Elona a tremor in the Force will disturb all living creatures deeply. Something enormously evil and old has rolled over from its long slumber.
    My new favorite cross-over quotes, courtesy of DMG: "Sith are friends, not food." and In the Dark Lord's Voice, "NO, JEN. NO BITE. BAD." I'm rolling lmfao.
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    A new challenger approaches! Or so she hopes. Which brave soul, high or low wants to meet with the Nexu, the Little Warrior, the Dark Devourer? Who knows, maybe she'll take an apprentice! >:3
    The pure, wholesome feels around Shev'la's development are what make writing so fun for me. The charge and vitality possessed by these characters' stories is enthralling in and of itself.
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