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Ashes of the Republic

Join the Star Wars: Galaxy community in a Star Wars Alternative Universe hybrid roleplay experience (Discord and play-by-post) adventure set in the AU Clone Wars-era.

Interested? You can read a brief overview of each faction and click the "Character Creation" link below to get started. Character creation is a important process for participation in our RP. Please feel free to ask any question by pinging a member of the Community Team in Discord! Thank you for your time and we sincerely hope to see you participating in the adventure soon!

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New Republic and the Jedi Order

The New Republic and the Jedi Order continue their struggles after the revelation that the Clone Wars were plotted by former Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Following a disasterous defeat at the Battle of Kashyyk the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order began to fracture, leading to the Jedi Order searching for a new home for their order. As the Jedi search, those within the Republic struck out as Palpatine loyalist and formed a new Galactic Empire underneath Regent Tarkin. Reformist within the Galactic Republic have called for the formation of a "New Republic" to better address the challenges, the movement was successful and the New Republic was formed in Welona, 19 BBY with the new Chief of State Lorn Inel at its helm.

Confederacy of Independent Systems

The revelation that Palpatine was none other than Darth Tyranus shocked the Confederacy but they did not waver from their mission, the death of Count Dooku did however rock the foundation of the CIS but they remained steadfast. General Grevious, despite injuries and new droid bodies, has overtaken the leadership of the Confederacy and has pushed for the Confederacy to continue in their mission of a freer, more peaceful galaxy.

Galactic Empire

Loyalist of now captive Emperor Palpatine followed their orders and broke away from the Galactic Republic, they formed a new Galactic Empire. Wilhuff Tarkin, a close confident of Emperor Palpatine was declared Regent and avowed to retrieve the captive Emperor. In the wake of a clandestine operation on Bakura, the Galactic Empire has swept a large portion of backwater worlds in the Outer Rim and dotted the Galaxy with small pockets of loyalist.

The Mandalorians and the Fringe

The Mandalorian Clans have partially been rallied by the banner of a new Mandalore, Mandalore the Redeemer, who has formed the "Mandalorian Union". The Mandalorians, however, are not fully unified as pockets of the Deathwatch and other Mandalorian splinter groups continue to operate. The Mandalorians are not the only independents in the Galaxy, the Hutts continue to be a formidable force, a resurgent Black Sun organization continues to make waves and dominate while other galactic governments such as the Hapes Consortium, the Corporate Sector Authority and others continue to make their own way through the galaxy.

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